Grand Performances Presents

Mndsgn 'Rare Pleasure' Record Release Performance, filmed at Ron Finley's 'Gangsta Garden' presented by Grand Performances.

Executive Producer / Creative Director: Azul Amaral
Executive Producer / Artist Management: Shane Sakanoi
Director of Photography: Eric Coleman
Technical Director: Azul Amaral
Camera Operators: César Alvarez and Pablo Aguilar
Audio Engineer: Alberto López
A1: Vsev Krawczeniuk
Production: Isabel Reyes, Jesse Ramos and Sean Osborn
Publicity: Canyon Cody
Graphic Design: Alfred Hawkins
Mixed by Swarvy
Editor: Pablo Aguilar
Vocals & Mellotron: Mndsgn
Bass: Swarvy
Keys: Kiefer
Drums: Will Logan
Guitar: Brandon Bae
Background Vocals: Devin Morrison
"3 Hands"
"Hope You're Doing Better"
"Slow Dance"
"Medium Rare"
"Colours of the Sunset"